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5 Tips for Getting the Best Deal When Buying a Home

 A home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make. Getting the best possible deal is extremely importance. However, many people do not know how to ensure that they pay as little as possible. If you are in the market for real estate or plan to be in the near future, try the following five tips.

1)) Know What Prices Are Fair

Don't simply believe that buyers are asking a fair price; investigate. Look at the prices of recently sold homes in your desired neighborhood or area. Look also at homes that were taken off the market; there is a good chance they were taken off because the asking price was simply too much.

2)) Consider Market Trends

Some neighborhoods are up and coming while others have stagnating or decreasing home prices. Buying in a neighborhood that is gaining in popularity is always a better investment, because your home will likely be worth much more than you paid in the near future. The opposite is true for neighborhoods that are trending downward.

3)) Communicate With Your Realtor

In order to represent you well, which includes getting you the best possible deal, your realtor needs to know your needs and priorities. If saving money is one of your priorities - and it should be! - your realtor needs to know. They also may know about how to get great deals with foreclosures, short sales, and other less traditional real estate contracts.

4)) Have Any Prospective Homes Appraised and Inspected

In order to get the best possible deal on a home, you need to know exactly what you are buying. An appraisal will determine the value of your home by comparing it to similar homes in similarly priced areas, ensuring that you don't pay more than it is worth. This can be a valuable negotiation tool in negotiations with a seller. You also should have the home inspected to make sure it is in good condition and will not become a money pit needing endless repairs. These may not save you money on the closing price but they will save money over the course of your home ownership.

5)) Don't Be Afraid to Make an Offer

If you are interested in a home but not comfortable with the asking price, make an offer. This offer should be slightly less than what you wish to pay, to leave room for back-and-forth negotiation. The worst that will happen is that the seller will say no; in many cases, it will open negotiations and lead to getting a home you love at a price you can afford.
Saving money on a very large purchase often means saving a huge amount of money. When you add interest, you will likely save almost twice as much by the time your mortgage is paid. Your realtor will be a powerful ally throughout the home buying process because they have the experience needed to know how to get a great deal.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home? Many new sellers go into the process without a good understanding of what buyers want. According to realtors, these are some of the most common mistakes made by sellers with homes on the real estate market.

1)) Neglecting Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is ultimately your home's first impression. As people pull into your driveway, they are already making up their minds about whether your home is the right one for them. Mowing the lawn, putting away bicycles, and adding areas of interest such as flower beds and a wreath will make buyers eager to see what else lies in store.

2)) Leaving Minor Repairs Undone

Scuffs on the wall and dripping faucets may seem like minor issues, but they can be a huge deal to home buyers. Many people will see the minutiae as evidence that a home hasn't been properly maintained and worry about larger, less obvious issues. Make the small repairs and add a fresh coat of paint before placing your home on the market.

3)) Failing to Tidy Up

Clutter and dust aren't a big deal, but they can change the ambiance of your home. They make it feel smaller and less spacious. Make sure you give everything a quick once over before showing your house. Don't stop with superficial areas; people will be looking in your closets and cabinets! Half empty closets give the impression of ample storage space.

4)) Listing With Poor Photos

Modern people are looking at houses online to decide whether to view them in person. If your listing photos are not professional, well lit, in focus, and taken from the right angles, some sellers may give your home a pass before seeing all of the great things it has to offer.

5)) Asking Too Much

Many sellers assume that setting a high price is better; after all, it leaves room for negotiation. However, this can be a costly mistake that leaves your home languishing on the market. Many prospective home buyers will not even look at a home that is out of their price range; others will be reluctant to negotiate. In many markets, setting the price a bit low is the best strategy as it sets the scene for a bidding war.

6)) Undergoing the Process Without Expert Help

Selling a home is a complicated process, one with many legal pitfalls. The only way to ensure that the process goes smoothly is to have the right professional on your side. A realtor is more than a real estate agent; they are a professional who is licensed and has immense experience in the field. Talk to a realtor today about how they can help you to sell your home quickly for the best possible price.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

Are you in the market to buy a new home? Buying a house is an activity that most people will only undergo a few times over the course of their lives, which means it is easy to make rookie mistakes. These mistakes can end up costing you money and time. Here are the top seven mistakes you should avoid.

1)) Not Getting Pre-Approved

Many people begin looking at homes only to find out that their price range is far different from what they expected. Going through the pre-approval process will ensure that you begin your home search with the correct expectations and don't waste any time.

2)) Failing to Set a Firm and Realistic Budget

Buying a home is expensive; the closing price is just the beginning. Your budget should include mortgage, insurance, and taxes as well as periodic expenses such as major repairs. There will also be costs associated with closing the deal, such as moving expenses, appraisal fees, escrow fees, and more. Find out what other people in your area have paid for these expenses so there are no unpleasant surprises.

3)) Letting Emotions Have Too Much Weight

Getting too attached to a home keeps you from making rational decisions. Approach each home with as little emotion as possible, focusing on how the house meets your needs and whether it is in your budget rather than whether you are in love with the garden or the view.

4)) Setting Expectations Too High

Many people have trouble finding a home because their expectations are too high. It is generally good to have high expectations, but they should be reasonable as well. Don't get caught up in small and easily fixed issues such as paint color. You will likely change many minor things about any home that you buy so these are not good reasons to reject an otherwise suitable property.

5)) Choosing Aesthetics Over Function

Home sellers will try to woo you over with aesthetics. They will spruce up the curb, paint in a flattering color, and generally make sure their home pleases your senses. It is important to like the way a home looks, but this should not be the first consideration. Make sure your future home is in good repair and meets your major needs before you worry about superficial things.

6)) Buying in the Wrong Neighborhood

Location is the most important aspect of any home. Are values in the area on an upswing or stagnating? Are the school districts good? Consider neighborhood just as important as the quality of the roof; in the long run it will affect your home value more than any other factor.

7)) Doing It Yourself

Buying real estate is a complicated process. Don't try to do this alone. Get an experienced realtor on your side so you can find the home of your dreams in a price range within your budget.

And there you have it – you just learned the 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home. And if you start applying what you learned you should be able to screen and narrow down your prospects of the best real estate agents in Sacramento.

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